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Name necklaces are a very special as they are unique. These are appreciated by women of all ages. In the worldwide market, we find name necklaces in various metals base. That is the reason for price variation in name necklace prices. This si the price you pay for durability of your personalized name necklace. Name Necklaces made from manjoos base are cheaper as they resemble gold but manjoos being a very delicate metal does not last long and breaks easily. The long lasting jewelry in market these days is the one made of a Sterling Silver base. This sterling silver base is polished in gold, silver and rose gold colour. The name necklaces at Natashahs are made from sterling silver base that is polished with 18k and 24 k gold and is lacquered to protect the necklace from wearing off and also the polish to last long. Natashahs also provides the name necklace in pure gold as well.

There is a vast difference in name necklaces made from manjoos and sterling silver base. The finishing and formation also varies and one can easily identify the necklaces. Though manjoos necklaces are cheaper and can be work for a limited time Some of the pictures of name necklaces made from manjoos are given below:    


The name necklaces made from sterling silver base reflect fine finishing and reality.



Manjoos metal is malleable and breaks easily. Blow given is a picture of ring made with manjoos metal and polished in silver


Manjoos is a metal that looks exactly like real gold because of its characteristic color, one can hardly distinguish between a real gold and manjoos. We can get a  manjoos set polished if shimmer fades away. Even manjoos can be lacquered to maintain its polish for a little more time. Manjoos is delicate and breaks easily if mishandled. Zircon, Feroza and Ruby are some common gemstones that are mostly replicated in artificial jewelry.


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Pure silver cannot be used in jewelry alone due to its soft nature tat can be deformed easily, in order to create a durable silver product, it is necessary to create an alloy of silver by mixing various other elements to transform it into a more durable element.


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