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G&H Protect+™ Bar Soap

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Six 150 g (5.3 oz.) Bars 

Effectively cleanses and deodorizes skin

Mild bar soap gently cleans, so skin feels soft, conditioned and looking healthy. 

  • Exclusive odor technology neutralizes body odors and leaves skin smelling fresh.
  • Non-drying formula with rich lather leaves skin looking healthy and feeling conditioned.
  • Soap Saver design provides indentation at bottom of each bar that allows for minimal waste.
  • Triclosan free and wheat free.
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified.
  • Dermatologist and allergy tested. 

G&H Protect+™ products protect skin with a unique blend of white tea, natural minerals and bilberry extract, plus exclusive deodorizing technology that locks onto and neutralizes odor. 

  • White Tea Extract is known for protective qualities, because it is picked early in the spring when the white buds are young.
  • Natural Minerals have been used for bathing treatments for thousands of years.
  • Bilberry Extract contains good-for-you compounds called anthocyanins, which have long been used for their beneficial properties.


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