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 1.1 What kind of jewelry is at NATASHAHS?

  1. We use quality material for our jewelry. Our jewelry base metal selection depends on various metals as per the make, design and stone arrangement of jewelry design requirement. We use brass, manjoos and other alloys as base metals. Our base metal is golden or silver colored. Our jewelry has a coating of gold, silver or rhodium. The stones used in jewelry are kundan, zircons and semi-precious stones. How to take care of our jewelry is clearly mentioned in our blogs published on website.


  2.3 Casting and construction 

  1. Castings are free of flashing and excess metal from air bubbles.
  2. All soldered jewellery is without discoloration. There are no open seams or joints, unfilled areas, cracks or excessive solder.
  3. Solder does not freeze any parts that should be moveable (for example chain links).
  4. Ring heads are straight and plumb when viewed from top or side profile.

2.4 Polishing and finishing 

  1. Polished metal surfaces are of high polish quality and free of eye-visible scratches or tool marks. Design details are clean and distinct.
  2. All items are clean and dry with no fingerprints, oils or polishing rouge remaining.
  3. Lint left under prongs from the polishing wheels/cloths is unacceptable.
  4. Plated surfaces are uniform in colour and show no signs of peeling, cracking or tarnishing.

2.5 Stone setting 

  1. Stones are set level and consistent in height with respect to design.
  2. Prongs are even in shape, length and placement. There are no gaps between prongs and the stones.
  3. Bezels are smooth and even in thickness and in proportion to the size of the stone they secure, with no gaps between the bezel and the stone.
  4. In channel settings, stone tables are set in the same plane or follow a curve consistent with the design. The channel walls are even and smooth, with a consistent seat cut for the girdle of the stones. Stones are set girdle to girdle.
  5. Stones are set so that the culet is not exposed. Some designs may call for exposed culets, but the culet should not be felt during wear or taking item on or off.

2.6 Findings 

  1. Findings with moveable parts is fully functional, without significant binding during operation, and durable enough to withstand repeated operation.
  2. All jewellery is an appropriate size and weight for the item.
  3. Pendant bales are large enough to allow the pendant to swing freely on the chain. If pendants are sold without a chain, bales are large enough to accommodate a normal variety of customer chains.
  4. Earring posts are strong enough to withstand normal use, and the ends of posts are rounded and smooth. Ear wires and lever backs operate smoothly and close securely. 

3.1 Quality Standard at Shipping 

  1. Before shipping, every piece is checked for any loose pieces or ornaments. 
  2. We layer the jewelry item with a bubble wrap though it is already intact in its own generic packaging to avoid any dust. We keep jewelry snug and secure to avoid damage in shifting and intransit.
  3. We disguise your package properly and and mark it with a FRAGILE tape to remind courier to handle our package with care.
  4. We also request your autograph upon delivery to confirm our services delivery to you securely. Our package is through any registered post.

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