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FAQs- Hand Sanitizer

How much alcohol is in the product? Is that the active ingredient?

The product contains 60–70% ethanol, which is the active ingredient.

Do hand sanitizers have an expiration date? Are they still effective after the expiration date?

Yes, the expiration is 3 years. We can’t say how effective they are after the expiration date as our stability tests are typically performed to predict a 3-year shelf life.

Are hand sanitizer dangerous for children? What is the age recommendation?

Recommended for children 2 years of age and older. Hand sanitizer can be a good way for children to clean their hands when soap and water are not available. But some young children may swallow hand sanitizer, which can be dangerous. If toddlers or older children use hand sanitizer, please supervise them until the hand sanitizer is dry, and never let a child lick their hands immediately after applying.

Is hand sanitizer drying to the hands?

Our hand sanitizer has moisturizing ingredients in it to reduce dryness of the hands.

Does this hand sanitizer contain any moisturizing ingredients?

Yes, glycerin, aloe and Pro-Vitamin B5.

How many times a day can I use this product?

You can use as often as needed.

What percentage of germs does the hand sanitizer kill?

Kills 99.99% of germs based on a clinical study.

Does the hand sanitizer kill the resident and transient germs on your hands?

Alcohol from a hand sanitizer vaporizes immediately leaving no residual effect to deactivate microorganisms onward. Alcohol-based sanitizers spontaneously kill the transient pathogens along with some surface resident skin microflora. Normal or resident skin microflora is skin deep and continues to shed, along with dead skin cells, and yet maintains its balance on healthy skin. Washing hands with soap and water is the best control in prevention or spreading an infection. Sanitizers are not intended to replace thorough hand washing with soap and water.

Does this contain triclosan?

No triclosan in this product.

Do all hand sanitizers work the same?

All hand sanitizers with ethanol kill germs in a similar way.

Does it contain any animal ingredients?

No animal ingredients.

Are there any competitive comparisons?

We typically don’t compare our products to competitors as we don’t know how often they change their formulas.

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